Well a happy anniversary to you too. oh wait…

So much has happened recently! We moved. It was crazy. Super crazy. Now we’re in a better place. Its not as private but it has the right number of bedrooms. Meaning no more Benji escaping his room to play in the sandbox at 9pm!! (yes that did happen)! Also no more crazy landlords! yey! And best of all: REAL internet! none of that fake crap we had for the past year! I can do all sorts of things like download and skype and download! This is amazing! AMAZING!! 

Oh and its our anniversary! We had bacon wrapped prawns already! They were yummy. Now we’re going to have seafood alfredo to lead us further into food coma. 

Another thing that might have happened, my cute tiny daughter grew up. She went to Kindergarten today and even begged me to ride the bus! I showed up to pick her up since we just moved and I was unsure of her riding it on her own and all, well she gave me a pouty face and begged to ride it home instead. so being the strong mom I am, I let her. (yes I almost teared up a bit) So I turned around and drove home and waited for her to get there on the bus! It was a big adventure. 

That is all. blamo. 

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the good news

We found a new better place to live! While it doesn’t have some things that our current place has like a garage or a big yard, it does have good water, 4 bedrooms (not just 2 and an office like here) and awesome landlords! We are really excited! Now to just survive for another month and then we can move!!! Ugh so excited right now. I keep having visions of paint color and room setups running through my head! 

The bad news: our water is not fixed yet. supposedly they are coming this weekend now to do it. ugh. super ugh. 

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Whats up Tumblr? I’ve been busy lately. very very busy.

Abby graduated from preschool! Next year its kindergarten! ugh. we had orientation last night. it was good. saw the classroom, rode a bus, met her teacher. good times! 

My inlaws are here! FOREVER! Matt’s stepdad got a job at his mine. They just got here last night. They are camping outside our place until their place sells and they figure out where they want to live! 

I’m pretty excited to have her here!!

Abby’s birthday party is a month away. I’m stepping into major party planning phase! Thankfully we are doing a dual bday party with Abby’s friend. 

Thats life. not exciting. just normal. and slightly busy. 

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I’m slaving away on this yearbook thingy. I’ve gotten to a point where its not the worst project ever because I sorta know what I’m doing! (sorta!) Just need to focus and finish it! So many pages left! ughs. 

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2 more sleeps

So excited to go visit family! This is going to be wonderful! Finally got a friend to watch our annoying dog. the one that nobody wanted to take cause she was annoying as hell! I just hope she is nice for this friend! She’s generally ok, just barks alot and doesn’t always get along with other dogs. ugh. I just hope she’s well behaved for them! 

Today’s goal is to finish the quilt! Its almost done! Just doing the quilt sandwich portion! mmmm sandwich. lets hope I can force myself to finish it today! So close! so flipping close! Just tired of poking myself with pins. I have a habbit of doing that. bleeding on the quilt will add to its charm, right? right?


I would definitely be most content!


I would definitely be most content!

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